UNISON D&G to fight austerity cuts via Council Elections

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UNISON D&G proposes independent candidates to stand in the 2017 Council Elections to challenge Council’s austerity cuts.

The following motion to approach other unions to support the idea was carried the Branch’s August Executive meeting:

“This motion calls upon the UNISON Dumfries Local Government Branch committee to make contact with sister trade unions in Dumfries & Galloway to discuss how the ongoing austerity cuts and their impact are being implemented across the region by Dumfries & Galloway council.

In particular this Branch is concerned about the number of jobs lost across the region, and the serious financial impact on workers’ wages and their families across our communities. These job losses not only affect the current post holders but also our young people who face ever more challenging barriers to obtaining quality paid employment.

The austerity measures implemented by the Council to date and potential future measures are having a detrimental effect on staffs moral and their financial health & wellbeing.

Unfortunately the Council, and in particular the administration, have not given proper consideration to suggestions made by the trade unions that would allow them to look at other options to fund any financial gaps, and have instead committed to saving £3m through attacks on staffs terms and conditions.

UNISON has over 4,500 members in Dumfries & Galloway, not to mention their friends and families. This motion calls upon the Branch to initiate a campaign across not only UNISON’s membership, but to also enter dialogue with our sister trade unions and the Dumfries Trades Union Council to consider options for fighting back against these attacks on the workforce.

This UNISON branch believes one of the options that should be considered is the standing of candidates in the 2017 local authority elections under the banner of Defend Our Public Services.

We believe Defend Our Public Services candidates should be used to highlight the detrimental effect that the Council’s cuts are having on the vital services that we provide, our communities, local businesses, families and their own workforce.”

UNISON D&G Stewards vent frustration at austerity cuts

UNISON D&G Stewards vent frustration at austerity cuts

Robert Rae, UNISON Regional Organiser said, “Unfortunately the council, and in particular the administration, have not given proper consideration to suggestions made by the trade unions [of] other options to fund any financial gaps and have instead committed to saving £3million through attacks on staff terms and conditions. Defend Our Public Services candidates would highlight the detrimental effect DGC’s cuts are having on vital public services”

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PRESS RELEASE: Public services short-changed by MacKay Today's budget falls short of the commitment to our public workers and services that we demanded at our rally today. After today's budget Derek MacKay can expect to see a sustained campaign from public workers to begin restoring livelihoods. The issue of public sector pay will not disappear. Whilst worker pressure has already achieved some incremental increase from the UK’s austerity approach, it is not acceptable that so many public service workers, including teachers, fire fighters and many nurses, should face further pay cuts. We recognise that the Finance Secretary has a difficult job in protecting Scotland’s budget against UK austerity. The smug self-satisfaction of the Scottish Tories belies the havoc that their government is wreaking on public services across the UK. However the SNP made several ambitious manifesto commitments and says it wants to do right by public workers. So now was the time to be bold. Scottish workers have made their demands clear, and dialogue between the STUC and Derek MacKay has emphasised the urgency of a real-terms pay rise for all public workers. Every public worker in Scotland deserves a pay-rise at inflation-level or above. This means that the Finance Secretary has to be clear he is funding every area of public sector provision to ensure this can be delivered. We will be looking particularly closely at the detail of the budget, but are disappointed in the real terms cuts in resource funding for local government. Whilst its good that the debate on tax has finally begun, the STUC is disappointed that the Scottish Government has not used their powers to make a significant commitment to public service investment and public worker pay. £20 a week additional tax for someone earning £2000 a week is simply too little when public services are at breaking point. To find more resources the Finance Secretary could have abandoned the Small Business Bonus scheme which drains the economy of £200 million a year with no evidence that it is the best way to invest in local economies. If it is to exist, it must focus on creating jobs that pay at least the Living Wage. Public workers will now be seriously doubting this government’s commitment to our services.

Today the Scottish Government set their budget which will dedicate what money the public sector has within Scotland . UNISON has made it clear that there should be no more cuts !!!

Unison has also made it clear that the public sector pay cap must go and that work must be done to compensate workers for their loss of wages over the last seven years !!!

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Launched"Guarding Against Stress"toolkit at stress seminar #UNISONvStress #nationalstressawarenessday Get copy here: ow.ly/qUa430gunU0