Council’s latest budget cuts threaten jobs

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It’s not news that there have been severe cuts to the Council’s finances over the past five years and a further £21million has to be cut in the coming year.  UNISON has campaigned throughout this time for the Council to keep its no compulsory redundancy policy and to protect your pay and conditions, and till now this has been supported by your Councillors.  BUT, we are now reaching a point where the cuts are likely to seriously affect you and your job.

Many of the intended savings from this year have not yet been achieved – this includes the £3 million from staff costs (your term & conditions) which the Council has already decided.  At a recent Council meeting officials actually proposed the Council sack everyone and re-employ them on reduced terms & conditions.  And that was just to meet the cuts “agreed” for this year – the current suggestions include 3 days less holidays, reducing the working week to 35hrs (a pay cut of 2.7%) and changes to public holidays to reduce overtime….. and many MORE!

IF UNISON MEMBERS DON’T TAKE ACTION NOW, then these cuts are going to be imposed and we believe there will also be compulsory redundancies.  YOUR JOB IS NOW AT RISK.

UNISON is not suggesting industrial action for now, but that will have to be considered should these changes be imposed on our members.

Right now we are taking steps to try and ensure that the Council is fit for purpose and able to cope with the ongoing cuts in income.


In December we are going to hold at training event for prospective Councillors in next year’s elections, because we believe that the Councillors need to be properly informed and equipped for their role.  AND more importantly they need to understand why Council services are essential services that they need to fight to protect.

Ssshh, they’re keeping them really quiet … but, we need  YOU to attend the Public Consultation meetings which start this Monday the 26th September arranged by our Councillors about “stopping activities”, “what services we should we protect” (and which services should go), “where we can cut expenditure”, etc.

List of dates, times and venues from the Council’s Budget Consultation leaflet


We need YOU to get involved in our Trades Union Savings Options suggestions.  Earlier this year we suggested over £9 million worth of potential savings – suggestions ignored by the administration – the same folk who have already agreed to cut YOUR pay or YOUR job.  Every penny counts and frivolous or unnecessary payments outwith the Council must be stopped and necessary funding properly managed.

We need your support with ideas about how savings can be made, how income can be generated or how we can improve productivity.  Some of our input will be difficult for the politicians – it’s easier for them to make staff redundant or cut your pay than to upset the public – BUT WE ARE THE PUBLIC!
STAFF AND THEIR FAMILIES MAKE UP THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS so let us make sure our voice is heard both by our Councillors and the parliamentary politicians who are unfairly imposing these cuts on Local Government services.

UNISON’s members work hard to protect their communities and the public services they need!


We are also available to contact now on Skype – Skype name live:info:65266

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Watch this video to see how UNISON organising helps local members in action


We still have spaces on our education course - Basic IT (SQA Workplace Core Skills Unit ) - (5 Mondays ) which is taking plave on 6th 13th 20th 27th November at 4th December at Cargen Towers Dumfries .

If you are a Dumfries and Galloway Council employee you are entitled to time off to attend subject to line manager approval .

Based outside Dumfries and want to attend? You will be allowed access to a pool car if available to attend.

For more information or an application form please email -

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Always take a Union Steward.....

Trade union members have big issues to address and fight on at the moment including resisting cuts to public services, opposing government austerity , battling overwork, fighting for equal pay and demanding a fair wage rise for all public services workers in 2018. These issues have a huge affect on our working lives and set the context for everything else.

In the middle of all that members still face the day to day matters of individual absence management, grievances, investigations, disciplinary hearings, etc.

So remember....always take a union steward!

Free Dementia Awareness course

Through out new lifelong learning partnership we are able to offer this course which is is taking place on 14/11/2017 09:00 -16:30 at CDU Cargen Towers, Dumfries.

If you are an employee of Dumfries and Galloway Council you are entitled subject to availblity a pool car to attend the course if required and paid time off to attend subject to line managers approval .

Should you have difficulty getting approval fron your line please let us know and we can see what we can do .

The course is an interactive & practical workshop and delegates will gain an understanding of dementia and how it affects people.

The course is aimed at everyone and suitable for anyone regardless of their job role .

Finally should you wish to attend this course please message this page or email .

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As an organisation and as a branch we support #WorldMentalHealthDay

Mental health issues are not something that people should be ashamed to speak about .

UNISON nationally is campaigning for more funding for mental health services so people can get the support they need when they need it .

Locally as a branch we are about to start engaging with our members and the wider work force to conduct a large scale mental health survey so that we can highlight issues to our employers and start working with them to improve support available to people suffering with mental health issues .

#breakthesigma #mentalhealthmatters