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DO NOT REPY IN ANY WAY to any contact from a regulatory organisation without having first discussed the concerns that have been raised with UNISON and getting the support and advice you need.  Often very little notice is given asking you to attend a hearing, it is vital that we are informed as soon as you become aware of any issues so that lawyers can be appointed in time to support you.

Over the past five years there has been a great increase in the number of complaints against staff to the regulators, mainly due to outsourcing of public services and increasing registration requirements.  Branch Officials and Regional Officers recently attended training by our Professional Standards Unit (PSU) and Thomsons Solicitors which explained how UNISON members are supported whenever they get involved in investigations by the various Registration bodies.

Many more job types will soon require compulsory registration with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).  We expect many members will need UNISON support to gain their registration because historical data is being given to this organisation about incidents which involve employees who don’t yet need to be registered.  This could be issues about previous complaints or disciplinary matters even when the concerns are not upheld.

To be entitled to full UNISON legal protection members must have joined unison at least 4 weeks before the incident occurred and membership must be continued throughout the case.

Investigations are extremely stressful and the outcomes can be life changing so please contact us immediately should any issue arise in your workplace.  The advice and support available from UNISON can save your job and your ability to get future employment.



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