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Margaret Rinington’s  602,000 strong e-petition about the state pension age is about to provide a quantum leap for the legal rights of 3.48 million women.

With these legal rights uppermost in our minds, we invite all #50sWomen to write ‘DWP’ letters to help with legal challenges. ​WASPI have a “​Guide to DWP Complaints”, produced by top London lawyers Bindmans.

Click here on the WASPI website to write your letter: http://www.waspi.co.uk/action

Peer Groups working together is the key to success.

Finally, please kindly sign and share the #BackTo60 petition which is getting closer still to our one million supporters goal every day.


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Unison Dumfries & Galloway shared UNISON's photo. ...

Couldn't have said it better ourselves. #PayUpNow #HeartUnions

Unison Dumfries & Galloway shared UNISON's photo. ...

#HeartUnions #PayUpNow

Unison Dumfries & Galloway shared UNISON's photo. ...

#HeartUnions #PayUpNow

♥️It’s #HeartUnions week and we have so much to be proud of.