Letter Re North West Campus

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Dear all

That was very useful to meet yesterday  to discuss concerns regarding NWCC and staffing working in this new environment.  As we agreed I would issue you a note on the key items you were raising.

 As you are aware there was an incident with a sprinkler pipe causing damage to a ceiling, this was due to a fixing issue regarding the sprinkler pipe. This has been resolved at this site  As a result of this the sprinkler at this site, Dalbeattie and St Jossephs College have been checked by the contractor who have confirmed there are no further issues.

 Furthermore this Authority requested hubsw/contractor to undertake a full review of the building with inspection from Authority Clerk of Works to give complete assurance on the safety of this building.  This work has been under way throughout the summer and you can see evidence of this when you were on site and this is why some ceilings will be boarded out at a later date.

 As advised GRAHAM have been in contact with the HSE, GRAHAM confirmed that HSE are comfortable with their approach in dealing with the incident and the resolution.

 The building remains under the ownership of GRAHAMS and staff access the building as visitors of GRAHAM which has been reviewed by George Mills and the paperwork is to be shared with you. We are all focussed on ensuring this is executed in a safe manner. This will be the case until the Authority are given beneficial occupation from evening Monday 20th August, at this point it will be a normal operating school. As advised the normal school systems will kick in at this stage.

 In terms of seeking assurance that staff can access this building safely, I have received the following from GRAHAM –

 GRAHAM understands the need for the Council to have operational ownership of NWCC to allow staff in Friday 17th August and Monday 20th August to ensure that the children can start their term on 21st August on schedule. GRAHAM confirms the facility is safe for this purpose and for the ongoing use from Monday 20th for the school pupils.

This statement has the support of an independent structural engineer who was also on site today.

 Colin Grant

Director of CYPLL


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