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Spiritual Care Lead Dawn Allan is on hand to offer holistic support to staff who would like to take in a confidential, safe space.

By offering therapeutic listening, Dawn acknowledges what affects a person emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

She says: “Staff are NHS Dumfries and Galloway’s most valuable assest and to have a safe place to vent and off load can help prevent someone and/or a team from imploding or going off sick for weeks and months at a time.

“This service is invisible across the organisation but many staff are still unaware of how to access it.

“No conversations between myself and a member of staff are documented apart from the appointment time, venue and a colour coded reason about the nature of the appointment.

“I am on hand to encourage staff to value themselves and each other so they learn how best to support themselves and colleagues.

“It can be reassuring to know that there are colleagues going through a similar situations. We may all be different, but what we have in common is our humanity which we should never apologise for.

“Within healthcare, staff face life and death regularly at work, it’s healthier to acknowledge our humanity and know that it is okay to be afraid, to feel overwhelmed and not to feel guilty for being human.”

There is always hope and when NHS staff have a heathy self-awareness they will:


How to make an appointment for Staff Support?  dawnallan1@nhs.net  Tel:  01387 246246 Ext 34511 Mobile:  07795 120965

By email, landline and/or mobile phone

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The introduction of Universal Credit has the potential to significantly impact on the jobs of UNISON members working in Housing Benefit & Welfare rights roles . The Bargaining and Campaigns team are keen to hear from members working in these areas about what has , or seems likely to change, in their job as a result.

Please could you ask any relevant members to get in touch with me – S.low2@unison.co.uk with anything they want to say about .

1.What changes there have been since Universal Credit has been rolled out?
2. How much the shambles that the roll out has been has made or stopped things happening.
3. What changes do they see in their job happening longer term as a result of UC ?

Many thanks

Stephen Low
Policy Officer
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