Joint Trade Union Budget Suggestions to avoid compulsory redundancies

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To avoid compulsory redundancies and terms, protect jobs and essential public services we would ask the Council’s political groups to consider the following suggestions;


Parking Charges; Charges could be introduced for on-street and off-street parking. We understand that previous Council papers have indicated generating income of over £1 million.

Area Committee Discretionary Grant Funding; Reduce this by 100% saving about £1.2 million.

ERVS; Current proposal to save £200k, this could be considerably increased if it is extended to include flexible retirement and there is clear guidance on service priorities.  Possible savings in excess of £1 million.

Gull Control Project; Introduce a charge to householders to achieve income in excess of £35k.

Third Sector Grant Funding & Commissioning; Consider areas of duplication of funding from both the Council and external partners.  Possible savings in excess of £200k.

Leisure & Sport; Consider all options to generate savings and avoid compulsory redundancies. Possible savings in excess of £1 million & opportunities for income generation.

Fees & Charges; Review these across all Departments to maximise income by, increasing to full cost recover or reduce others to increase use of facilities generating more income as appropriate.

HR Policy & Procedures; Improve training to ensure consistent and efficient staffing practices across various failing policies, to add to already identified attendance maximisation savings and improve workplace efficiency.

Payments to private nurseries; Increased provision of Council services and offer addition chargeable childcare options out-with the school day to encourage parental take-up.  Savings/Income in excess of £300k

Consultancy Fees; Remove consultancy fees to the minimum possible.

Hospitality costs; Reduce by 50% to save over £20k.

Review payments to external organisations, commissions, grants, events; to avoid duplication or un-necessary service delivery. Potential savings in excess of £1 million.

Review use of ERVS leavers and their remuneration.

Pool cars; Review the cost and efficiency of the current provision.

Care & Repair and Below Tolerable Standards Grants; Provide in-house delivery of the works keeping the funding in the council, as the applicants also make a contribution and often pay for additional works this could generate income in excess of £3.5m.


These suggestions could contribute in excess of £9 million to the budget and this amount would be increased when including the suggestions where we have not been able to indicate a specific figure. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these suggestions with the groups prior to their final budget setting discussions.

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