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Get a friend to JOIN the UNION and have his or her say in important pay and conditions issues affecting their job.

Click here or on the graphic for the application form and email completed aplications to i.gil@unison.co.uk.

That new member will receive a BALLOT PAPER in the current consultation ( as well as the lifelong benefits of being in the best union in Scottish FE!)

YOU and your newly recruited FRIEND will be eligible for two cash prizes of £100 EACH to be in a PRIZE DRAW to be held at the end of the ballot on Wednesday 26 July 2017.

There is NO LIMIT on the number of applications which can be forwarded (for those lucky enough to have more than one pal, but disappointed to learn that they are all not already in UNISON with you! )


John Gallacher
Scottish Organiser
3 July 2017

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Watch this video to see how UNISON organising helps local members in action


1 week ago

Unison Dumfries & Galloway

Do you have any school uniforms and stationary that you no longer need which could be used by others?

We will take things for both primary and secondary pupils.

If you do you can drop it into the Oasis where it will then be re-distrubuted to people who can use it :-)

It's ONE team - we all deserve fair pay - UNISON Scotland sumo.ly/Va0K ...

Its ONE team - we all deserve fair pay - UNISON Scotland http://sumo.ly/Va0K